The countdown has begun for the Farm Network, which will be held in Gaziantep and whose first-year theme is biodiversity and sustainability. Congress; It will be held on June 15-17 in Gaziantep, the leading agricultural city of Mesopotamia, where agriculture first began in human history and where civilizations emerged with its fertile soil.

The International Sustainable Food, Boutique Agriculture and Bio Diversity Congress, implemented by Sözen Organization with the support of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Gaziantep Development Foundation (GAGEV), is preparing to bring together the stakeholders of the agricultural sector. At the congress, where more than 60 boutique producers will come together with international markets and food companies, e-commerce companies, chefs and academics, the agricultural sector will be discussed in terms of tourism, gastronomy, economy and similar different disciplines.t

In the first year of the congress, where the theme of ‘Biodiversity and Sustainability’ will be covered; Valuable names from each other will discuss the new era in agriculture, the methods of opening up to new markets, and the future farm models in detail.

Expert names of Gastronomy and Agriculture Sector meet in sessions

Founder of Gastrocultura Mediterranea, famous chef Pere Planaguma, chef Diego Prado, Peralada Mas Marce Promotion and Sales Officer Paula Mitjavila, Space Farms founder and controlled environment writer Tusya Gharibashvili, Gaziantep Agricultural Services and Food Department Head Kenan Seçkin, İzmir Village Cooperatives Head Neptün Soyer, Antalya Chairman of the Commodity Exchange Ali Candır, Turkish Cuisine Researcher and Chef Vedat Başaran, WFP Revenue Resources Programs Technical Advisor Yalçın İnam, YÜCİTA President Yavuz Tekelioğlu, Olive Friend Association President Murat Çetin, Metro Wholesaler Market Fruit and Vegetable Category Manager Birol Uluşan, CarrefourSA Fruit and Vegetable Manager Serdar Ceylan, Migros UP Manager Ayşegül Özkavukçu, Migros Ticaret Head Chef Umut Reçber, Tekfen General Manager Emrah İnce, Erüst Tarım Founder Mustafa Erüstü, Ekol Food Chairman Önder Bilen, Özmen Un Vice President Oğuz Özmen, Sahan Group Chairman Tahir Tekin Öztan, Komili Ayvalık Operations Manager Mehmet Cavlı, Slow Food Ayfer Yavi, Founder of Istanbul Yağmur Böreği Association, Slow Food Bodrum Yaveş Station Leader Deniz Kurtsan, Teofarm Founder Elif Ovalı, Elibelinde Agriculture Founder Aslı Aksoy, İksirli Farm Founder Duygu Ece Aydın, Barbaros Farm Founder Kerem Yılmaz, Lecturer and Chef Asuman Kerkez, Food Culture Researcher and Author Nilhan Aras, Founder of Chef Seasons Burak Hucuptan, Founder of Ariste Cheese Aslı Seçkin, Founder of Antre Gourmet Berrin Bal and Neşe Biber, Founder of Ancient Greens Deniz Yüksel Ovalı, Agricultural Food Writer and Researcher Bilge Keykubat, Founder of Narköy Ozan Kuşçu, Alaf Kuruçeşme Executive Chef Murat Deniz Temel, Eatly Istanbul Executive Chef Claudio Chinali, Neolokal Executive Chef Maksut Aşkar, Apartıman Yeniköy Founding Chef Burçak Kazdal, Teruar Urla Founding Chef Osman Serdaroğlu, cookbook author Chef Jale Balcı, Damlıca Farm Founder Emin Ali Sipahi, Founder of Seed Warehouse Berker Çiftçi, Antalya Jammaker Ebru Kocaacar, Founder of Çemen’s Gourmet Hülya Tiritoğlu, Sakarya University Research Assistant Kübra Sultan Yüzüncü Yıl, Gastronomer and Agricultural Engineer Tangör Tan, Kürşat Tarım Founder Zeynep Kürşat Alamur and many other experienced names will share their knowledge and opinions on the agricultural sector with the participants.

You can watch the panels in Farm Network, the International Sustainable Food, Boutique Agriculture and Biodiversity Congress to be held in Gaziantep on 16 June, live on Farm Network social media accounts on Wednesday, 16 June.



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