The 3 Michelin starred American chef Thomas Keller continues to inspire with his new book, “The French Laundry, Per Se”, and opens the doors of his New York-based restaurant, Per Se.

Celebrity chef Keller’s new book, which focuses on the relationship between 3 Michelin starred restaurant The French Laundry in California and three Michelin starred Per Se restaurants in New York, will meet food lovers on October 27. Keller, along with cooking techniques and tips, gives the recipe of 100 unique dishes, as well as conveys the legendary culinary experience to readers by reflecting on his communication with suppliers and farmers.

The book offers the chance to try Keller’s iconic dishes not only with unique recipes but also technical knowledge to perfect taste and texture. In addition to cooking, Keller also calls on industry professionals through his new book with his essays such as The Lessons of a Dishwasher, Inspiration Versus Influence and Patience and Persistence. The French Laundry, Per Se, which is currently pre-ordered for now, will meet readers on October 27.



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