By updating its interface, Snapchat is preparing to offer a brand new innovation to its users. The application, which will make restaurant recommendations based on your personal preferences, locations and previous tastes with its updated map, provides a great tastes with its updated map, provides a great advantage for businesses in determining the target audience.

Snapchat, which has updated its map used by more than 250 million people around the world, is designed to be a utility in its new form. With the new app, Snapchat now has a new feature that will reveal popular places it thinks you might want to visit. Users will be able to see the places they have tagged in their previous posts, liked of visited by their friends, and the Snap map will offer alternatives according to their preferences. Snapchat officials state that the new map stands out as a personalized discovery platform. The application, which is integrated with many web sites on restaurant reviews, provides users with a unique opportunity to discover new venues. Snap Map is also a great opportunity for businesses. Advertisers can target audiences based on users’ locations and preferences, and local businesses find good promotion for themselves. Snapchat, one of the world’s largest social media platforms, recently announced that it has 293 million daily users.



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