Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver will host the Miantiao restaurant, famous for its Italian-Chinese cuisine. Miantiao, which will open its doors inside the hotel on Thursday, June 17, will offer its guests a dining hall, bar, and a separate area for special events.

Miantiao, which defines itself as ‘Italian cuisine rising with Chinese sensibilities and Chinese gastronomy rising with the elegant simplicity of Italian cuisine, will offer the perfect combination of these two cuisines. Highlights on the menu include dishes ranging from the Burrata to the rested whole duck experience.

Chef Alex Tung, head of the project, said: “From the design to our menus to our style of service, Miantiao embraces rituals shared by both Chinese and Italian cultures surrounding food, family and memories made and celebrated around the table. I’m personally excited to transport locals and visitors alike on a unique and stimulating journey for the senses that celebrates the many similarities and culinary traditions that have long been shared by both countries.”



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