With the #JustosSaldremos campaign launched in Spain, everyone in the HoReCa sector has been urged to support 1,350,000 people affected by coronavirus under Red Cross actions.

Under Red Cross actions, everyone in the HoReCa sector was called to help with the #justossaldremos campaign for 1,350,000 people affected by coronavirus. Chefs, wineries, food brands, restaurants, hotels, culinary institutes and gastronomy lovers will support the fund by donating great products of sentimental value and meaning. The donated products will be used to contribute to the fund through 2 methods. With GastroSubasta, the first of these ways is for donors to support the fund by selling their products, experiences, treasures in the kitchen, or cult products through an online auction. The latter will proceed with Tienda Solidaria in the form of direct sale of donated products without auction. Donors include Ferran Adria and elBulli Foundation, Mugaritz, Dani Garcia Group, the Celler de Can Roca, Luis Gutierrez and Taberno Laredo, Vila Viniteca, Eneko Atxa and Azurmendi, and many other major names and brands. The auction, which starts on April 20, also features many special items.



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