The US chefs reacted to Mayor Bill de Blasio as the program of outdoor dining in New York closed on October 31st. More than 300 restaurants have sued the City over the ban on indoor dining, seeking $2billion in damages in a class-action lawsuit.

In New York, where 1000 restaurants have been permanently closed since the COVID-19 crisis began, restaurants are now facing a new crisis. A temporary solution was created for restaurants when the city allowed restaurants to dine outdoors on June 22, but the restaurant industry will face a major crisis with the program due to end on October 31. World-renowned chef Daniel Boulud told The Wall Street Journal that restaurants “flying blind” in this uncertain process, adding, “If we don’t open inside, it’s going to be a disaster.”

Chefs who want transparency regarding the opening of indoor dining areas want to be informed about this issue as soon as possible in order to negotiate with property owners and adjust their business plans, depending on the situation. “Dr Autumn is knocking on the door in a big way,” said Danny Meyer, chief executive of Union Square Hospitality Group.



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