Micha Magid, the co-founder of Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, one of the largest fast-casual chains in America, made remarks about the new regulations in the restaurant industry after coronavirus.

Micha Magid, the co-founder of Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, said about the effects of coronavirus and the coming new regulations in the restaurant industry’ that %90 of the closures hitting independently owned locations, while delivery-focused firms such as Domino’s were the least affected. Magid said that in addition to firms such as Chipotle will be even stronger advances in digital order in the second half of 2020, Starbucks will open branches at strategic points for the summer while weighing on digital order. Magid said in a statement to QSR Magazine, “Fast-casual and quick service continue to outperform the beleaguered restaurant industry while the casual-dining sector suffers as people just aren’t ready to linger in dining rooms.” Some of the small independent businesses will slowly recover in the final quarter of 2020, adding that some independent small businesses could close forever. In the phrase ”The familiar feels safe,” Magid emphasise that customers would prefer fast and familiar dishes such as burgers, pizza, pasta and barbecues by the end of the year, but ethnic restaurants would be forced out in the process. Magid said the malls will continue to struggle for a while, adding that food-courts will also go through a tough process. Magid, “My crystal ball is no better than yours, but the success of our recovery will be measured by how well we prepare for what’s next.”



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