The stars of the gastronomy world meet at Gastromasa! Let’s get to know our world-famous guests who opened our horizons with their inspiring experiences and culinary secrets.  

Combining his interest in music with his passion for gastronomy, Ricard Camarena manages to melt these two aspects in one pot, even though he gives up his trumpet and dedicates himself entirely to cooking. For Camarena, who sees his creations in gastronomy as composing music, being a part of a team in the kitchen requires as much harmony as playing in a band. Ricard Camarena offers a successful combination of taste, fresh products, and excellence in service, and these details give him numerous awards. The successful chef, who won two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns, and a Michelin Green Star as a result of his sustainability efforts, was also recognized for the National Gastronomy Award as “best chef” by the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy. Camarena’s cuisine is underpinned by a constant search for taste and he respects the identity of each product so that, creates new tastes full of subtle yet unexpected nuances. Ricard Camarena, who sources the majority of his products locally and has direct contact with the grower, creates a working synergy based on shared decisions at every moment of the product, thus establishing a sustainable relationship between the restaurant, the producer, and the land.  



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