After the green light comes on for the reopening of the restaurants, Trattoria Pomposa Al Re Gràs, the restaurant of chef Luca Marchini in Modena, welcomes customers with various innovations as well as traditional flavors. Adding gourmet hamburgers and pizzas to its menu, the restaurant will serve its customers in its open area.

“It’s exciting to be able to greet people again, see the square come alive, and set the tables for service. The response from the customers was immediate, it reinvigorated the enthusiasm, ”said Luca Marchini about the reopening of Trattoria Pomposa Al Re Gras, according to Reporter Gourmet’s news. “The forced closure allowed us to reflect and experiment. That’s why we’ve decided to enable delivery with an offer that can be fun, inviting, and easy to consume at the same time. ‘Burger Weekend’ was born with delicious and very greedy gourmet burgers”.




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