Italy’s most important gastronomic event Identità Golose is back. The event, which will be held with the theme of “Building a New Future: Work”, will bring together the professionals of the sector and discuss the current problems of the gastronomy world such as the economic crisis, pandemic, women’s employment, and job opportunities for the youth.

Identità Golose, which was held online last year due to the pandemic, returns to the Mi.Co space in Milan this year. The event, which will take place between 25-27 September, will provide an opportunity to discuss the major problems facing the industry. The congress, designed by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni, aims to give a voice to the gastronomy industry. Many successful chefs from Carlo Cracco to Gianluca Fusto, from Corrado Assenza to Antonia Klugmann will come together to talk about the problems of the industry.



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