Countries and cities are getting ready for the next phase as the coronavirus crisis slowly begins to show reductions. Countries that will start to open restaurants and bars with different health measures continue their work.

As the effects of the global health crisis coronavirus gradually began to decline, countries and cities began preparing for the next stage. This epidemic, which has affected more or less all countries, has caused countries to make some different decisions. While restaurants in Georgia, America, have opened despite doubts, Germany has still not made a clear decision about opening but has announced the government will reduce the VAT rates. While restrictions are gradually lifted in France, Spain is focusing on outside seating areas. Let’s examine briefly the reopening of countries and cities.

New York, USA

New York is not only the worst-hit region in the United States, but is also at the biggest risk of a second wave considering the density of population. Mayor De Blasio is planning to open up 100 miles of streets to pedestrians. The plan could include a lot more outdoor seating for restaurants.

Los Angeles, USA

There is still no clear date or restriction in Los Angeles. Only 50% capacity was allowed in restaurants and strict hygiene protocols were recommended for staff and customers. The city, which also focuses on takeaway, is considering introducing hygiene and customer temperature control protocols.

London, UK

Britain is still having a very serious health crisis, so it seems that restaurants are at least two weeks away from reopening. However, some strict measures had been proposed for the reopening process. These include measuring customer and staff temperature and reducing restaurant capacity by 55%.

Milan, Italy

The main city in the heart of Europe’s worst-affected region is planning a slow and gradual return to economic activity. However, it appears that bars and restaurants will not open until June 1, as restrictions will be gradually lifted.

Madrid, Spain

This month, Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida said the city council was considering reducing capacity in restaurants, expanding outside seating areas and installing screens to keep diners separate.

Paris, France

French restaurants and cafes may be allowed to reopen from June 2 but a decision will only be taken at the end of May. The French government remains very cautious and the restrictions will be lifted slowly. Any reopening will remain contingent on the rate of contagion staying below 1.

Berlin, Germany

Although Germany has not set a reopening date, it is thought that Berlin, the capital, will return to ‘normal’ faster than other cities. The government announced it would help the food industry by cutting VAT from 19% to 7% from 1 July.

Sydney, Australia

Some groups are pushing for restaurant openings to be in early May as patient numbers in New South Wales are encouraging. The northern section will allow weddings and funerals from Friday. Restaurants, bars and cafes are expected to open by May 15.



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