It is slowly moving into the much-talked-about process of normalization in the United States, which has been heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In the country, where issues of reviving the economy have also been a topic of discussion for some time, some restaurants in the state of Georgia have announced they will continue to remain closed because it is “not safe” despite being allowed. One restaurant owner said the reopening was not profitable, with existing limitations including the requirement to operate at 50 per cent capacity.

In the U.S. State of Georgia, 120 restaurants did not open their dining halls because it was “not safe,” despite the state administration allowing it as of April 26. Those who did not open the dining halls of their restaurants in Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, issued a joint statement, saying, “We believe that the best for our employees, guests, community and industry should be closed at this time.” According to the Business Insider report, the owners and chefs of the restaurants that being talked about come together to form an initiative, including  Fred Castellucci, the award-winning chefs and CEO of Castellucci Hospitality Group.

Some chain restaurants in the state also opened their dining halls this week. Castellucci said in an email to Business Insider that his decisions were based on data they had obtained from public health officials. Castellucci said they would reconsider their decision if the number of cases fell, in this case they could apply the reopening plan.

Bo Peabody, the co-founder of reservation app Seated, who helped prepare a new health and safety directive that was prepared before of the reopening of restaurants in the state, said a restaurant opening under these conditions would not make a profit, and he did not plan to open the restaurant anytime soon. The directive calls for restaurants to operate at 50 per cent capacity.

Friday, May 1, a thousand new cases of coronavirus were detected in the state of Georgia, increasing the total number of cases to 27,123. The death toll was also 1140, an increase of 33. The number of cases in the United States, which is the centre of the epidemic, has exceeded 1 million 100 thousand, and the death toll has exceeded 65 thousand.



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