Chipotle, which has made accurate investments in digital sales in recent years, digital sales of Chipotle grew 81% to $372 million during Q1 2020.

Chipotle, the famous American fast-food chain that has been investing more in digital and delivery since people paid attention to the social distance, observed a huge increase in its digital sales, especially in March. CFO John Hartung said in-store ordering was down 75%, but delivery increased 150% and digital currently accounts for roughly 70% of sales. Over the last two years, Chipotle has significantly grown its digital presence, adopting order-ahead, delivery, a loyalty program and Chipotlanes. Chipotlane allows customers to order online ahead of time and pick up their order at a specified time through the express windows of restaurants. Hartung, who remarked Chipotlane is the fastest way to eat Chipotle, said sales through Chipotlane from day one were progressing pretty well. Chipotle’s investment in a more fast and minimal contact service than dine-in in recent years has increased its customers during the quarantine period. Chipotle, which said its loyalty program had reached 11.5 million registered members, said it would continue its digital and personalized advertising work.



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