Giving the good news of a new collaboration by saying “Get ready for a strong, vibrant and joyful experience,” Albert Adrià and Alain Ducasse started to share details about their restaurant to be opened in Paris. The experimental restaurant project, which will open its doors under the name ADMO, has deep meanings in its name and concept.

The restaurant will be called ADMO, in recognition of the three chefs fronting the project, Alain Ducasse, Albert Adrià and French chef Romain Meder from Plaza Athénée. Award winning French pastry chef Jessica Prealpato, who has been working with Ducasse since 2015, will also play an important role in the ADMO project with her natural fruit desserts, which che defines as “Desseralité.” The project, which will take place at the Les Ombres restaurant in the Quai Branly museum in Paris, will open its doors on November 10. ADMO will serve 100 lunches and 100 dinners in  100 days. The restaurant, whose menu is already intriguing, will “celebrate the unprecedented encounter between the Spanish and French cuisines reuinted bu he same conscious and sustainable approach,” according to Albert Adrià. You can visit for ADMO, which will be open for reservation on September 10.



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