The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival 2019, which will host tastes from around the world, is waiting for everyone who has a passion for cooking and wants to follow the new developments between 23 August and 1 September.

There will be many activities from professional chefs to classic dishes, from street delicacies to cooking workshops. More than 100 events and more than 90,000 people are expected to come to Copenhagen, an important city in the gastronomic world.

Some event in the festival

Dinner at the Baest Farm on August 24

You can join the dinner at Baest Farm and taste homemade delicatessen products and mozzarella and wood-fired pizzas.

Kitchen entrepreneur on August 27 vinegar experience with Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer invites guests to follow the journey of vinegars from raw food to double fermentation and a 17 year balsamic tasting, each stored in 15 liter hand-made juniper barrels.

Dinner with Chef Christian Puglisi on August 29

With chef Christian F. Puglisi, you can sit at a long table in the middle of the area and enjoy a family-style dinner in a charming setting.

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