Donegal chef Brain Mc Dermott defeated Mauro Colagrecco of Mirazur, which ranked first in the world’s top 50 restaurants in 2019 to win the first prize in the best cookbook category written by a restaurant chef.

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were held in Macau as part of the Macau International Book Fair. Chef Brain Mc Dermott who won the competiton said something about the award: This is the great honour to introduce of the Donegal Table book to the world. As a chef, all my inspiration was Donegal traditions, dishes and people. I’ve spent all my time in my country to showcase the great food in my country and I’m very happy and grateful that the jury chose my book and accepted it as a special book.

Donegal in the northwest of Ireland is a small but growing place with food culture. Its wild nature and untouched nature make Donegal a very special place. It is one of the pristine places in the world with its unique character, people, culture and views of the Atlantic Ocean.



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