Milk & Honey, named the “bartenders’ bar”, has announced its opening and then permanent closure to cocktail lovers after 18 years.

Milk & Honey, the pioneer of London’s modern cocktail community, has been one of the places that created London’s gastronomic scene with its 18 years of service.  Downey, who owns Milk & Honey, gave some good news and some bad news in the e-mail he directed. Downey, “It’s been a very strange and difficult few months. We have some good and some very bad news for you. We were forced to close our doors on Tuesday 17 March but we plan to re-open this Friday, 17 July, and we’d love to see you again soon. That’s the good news. The very bad news is that, after more than 18 years in Soho, this will be our final 10 weeks before we are forced to close for good” said.

Downey, who said they paid £4m from the moment they first signed the lease, stated that the owners did not agree with the idea of not paying any rent discounts or rent-free when they closed their bar by the government order, Standard Uk reported. Downey, who thinks that the property owners’ ideas have not changed and will not change during this process, said, “For the last few months, I have been campaigning and lobbying Government to provide a national rent deal for hospitality tenants but so far we’ve seen nothing. This may change (and if it does we will let you know) but, for now, we have to accept and expect the worst.”



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