Backlash against COVID-19 restrictions growing in British hospitality sector

Office of National Statistics declared the hospitality industry the worst-hit sector in its December report. According to the report covering the 10-month period from February to November, nearly 297.000 hospitality workers across the UK lost their jobs as of December 1st.

Following the announcement of Tier 3 restrictions in UK, the government closed all restaurants cafes and bars in line with COVID-19 restrictions. Many chefs and hospitality workers expressed their frustration with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that the government failed to consider the hospitality sector in the decision-making process. Under the hashtag #BanBoris, many chefs stated that they refused to host Johnson ever again on the grounds that he neglected their wellbeing.

One of the participants of the movement was Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens. In an Instagram post he published on his official account, Aikens stated that the hospitality sector lost around £73 billion in 2020 and added “For us mere mortals, it’s time for a little bit back in #BanBoris from any restaurant, hotel, café, deli, because of your less than 24-hour shut down notice, we deserve to be treated with a little more respect, not 2nd class citizens.”



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