Carlos Gaytan, the first-ever Mexican chef to be distinguished with a Michelin Star and the chef of the Ha’ restaurant in Hotel Xcaret Mexico, takes his guests on a culinary journey in Mexico with the changes he made on the menu.

Gaytan takes his guests on a culinary journey in Mexico with a seven-course dinner with beer and wines from the Valle de Guadalupe, Aguascalientes and San Miguel de Allende regions in Mexico. “We want to continue providing an elevated dining experience to our guests,” Gaytan said. “That is why we are focused on providing much more than a meal. We want to connect with our diners and transform their lives through culinary storytelling. Food is one of the bridges that allows tourism to connect visitors with destinations, and we are constantly striving to keep our offer updated and innovative so guests can have an authentic experience” he added.

Starting this month, Ha’s new menu will feature a variety of tasty dishes including Hamachi fritters, pea soup with honey, mascarpone and truffle, Mayan octopus with Guajillo chile marinade, Poblano chile stuffed with ratatouille served with Brie cheese fondue and whole grain mustard, escamoles (ant eggs) with pigweed and bean puree and New York steak with porcini ravioli. To satisfy guests sweet tooth, the restaurant will offer tangerine sorbet and a Marquesita, a crunchy Mexican rolled crepe.



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