Rasmus Munk, the Danish chef and co-owner of 2 Michelin-starred the Alchemist, is preparing pasta salad and tartlets for the homeless in Copenhagen.

With the closure of the Alchemist following the coronavirus outbreak, 2 Michelin-starred celebrity chef Rasmus Munk began making meals for the homeless by concentrating on the ‘Junk Food’ Organisation. “This is a moment in time where we have a lot of extra time and four empty kitchens. It is hard not to have anything to get up for in the morning, especially when one is used to working 16 or 17-hour shifts,” Munk said. The closure of all places due to the outbreak made it more difficult for people living on the streets to find food, the successful chef said, and devoted his time to helping the homeless. “It is part of the Alchemist‘s philosophy to try to make a difference – both in our gastronomy and in our daily communication with guests” explained Rasmus Munk, who distributes 550 healthy meals a day to 12 different shelters in Copenhagen. Munk addressed his colleagues, noting that there were as many as 500-600 homeless people in Copenhagen. Successful chef Munk said, “This is a call for chefs in Copenhagen. In a time when everyone is encouraged to stay home, those who do not have a home are in dire need of help.”



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