Yann Couvreur

Born and raised in Paris, Yann Couvreur, is a 39-year-old French pastry Chef extraordinaire.

Couvreur trained with top chefs in prestigious kitchens and ateliers such as Le Trianon Palace, Le Carré des Feuillants with Alain Dutournier, Park Hyatt, Paris. As well as Eden Rock Saint Bart’s, Le Burgundy and Prince des Galles, Paris, with Stéphanie Le Quellec.

In 2015, Yann Couvreur set up his laboratory in the Bois de Vincennes, East of Paris and opened his first pastry shop in the 10th district of the capital. In seven years, Couvreur opened over 17 stores with 7 in France, 8 in South Korea, 2 in UAE and 1 in the US.

Couvreur and his partners are planning to expand the eponym Patisserie with 10 new addresses opening by the end of 2023. They aim to keep Yann Couvreur’s creations affordable and approachable to all the sweet lovers out there.

Yann Couvreur’s Pastry Philosophy

Seasonality: He only works with seasonal products.

Less Sugar: Chef Yann works with as little sugar as possible in all his recipes, just enough to enhance the natural flavor of the products.

100% Natural Ingredients: The chef aims to not use any preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors.