René Frank

After working in the kitchens in Spain, France, Japan, the USA and Switzerland, René Frank became the pastry chef of La Vie Restaurant in Osnabrück and earned the restaurant its third Michelin star during his time working there. Frank, who later opened his 2-Michelin-starred restaurant called CODA Dessert Dining in Berlin, is known for offering modern and creative desserts at CODA. Frank opened CODA in 2016, and since then the restaurant has received many awards. In 2022, René Frank was selected as ‘World’s Best Pastry Chef 2022’ in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants selection.

Frank combines traditional techniques with modern methods to create innovative and delicious desserts. He prefers to use seasonal and local ingredients in his desserts. Frank, who has a trend-setting mission at CODA, reinterprets pastry here and brings a new perspective to dessert by greatly reducing the use of frequently used butter, milk, cream and sugar.