Pepe Solla

José González Solla y González, commonly known as “Pepe Solla,” grew up in a restaurant called Casa Solla, operated by his parents. He started working in the family business at a young age and received training in sommelierie. In 1994, he founded the Galician Sommeliers Association and won the Galician Sommelier Championship in 1996.

In 1999, he took over the kitchen of Solla Restaurant and assumed overall management of the business in 2001. Pepe Solla collaborates with various institutions to promote Galician cuisine and spread the gastronomic culture of the region.

Casa Solla has maintained a Michelin star since 1980 and was awarded the 3 Repsol Suns by the Repsol Guide in 2014, making it the first successful Galician restaurant to achieve this.

Pepe’s cuisine is described as pure, simple, honest, and authentic. Using the finest ingredients from Galicia, he prepares dishes that pay homage to tradition with a modern, creative, and innovative approach.