Pablo Rivero

Pablo Rivero graduated as a sommelier with the first group of graduates from the Argentine School of Wines (Escuela Argentina de Vinos) and he completed his training at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía). His main passion is the dining room, service, and hospitality. He developed the cuisine of the popular Argentine identity with two focuses: the territorial, with an emphasis on the grill and fire; and the immigration, with the “bodegón porteño” as an exponent.

Pablo’s inclination for gastronomic culture began at a very young age, driven by a family tradition associated with butchery and livestock production. It is in the fields of his hometown, Rosario, where he observes the wisdom of nature’s cycles and the relationship between animals and pasture as a virtuous circle.

Pablo has been leading Don Julio parrilla for over 20 years. It is a space where the fire is always lit, waiting to blend into the ritual and magic of the traditional flavors of his land. The recognition achieved in the kitchen and in the world of wine generated a new challenge: research on the relationship between carbon emissions and livestock development.

Currently, Pablo and his team’s objective is to promote regenerative livestock farming and its positive impact on climate change. The commitment to the environment extends to the community where his restaurants operate. There, in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, he developed the first urban organic garden based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture. So that the neighbors learn and replicate the natural generation of food.

Pablo Rivero is an active ambassador of Argentine gastronomy in international circles and a great host for foreigners visiting Buenos Aires.