Ömür Akkor

Ömür Akkor studied Economics at Uludağ University in Bursa. Akkor prepared the
book ‘Bursa Cuisine’ by recording the dishes in the districts and villages of Bursa for
5 years. The book ‘Bursa Cuisine’ was the first cookbook that brought Bursa’s 500-
year food culture to the table. The book, published in March 2009, includes 140
recipes published for the first time and entered the world culinary literature.

Akkor conducts research on local cuisine and forgotten dishes. Ömür Akkor’s book
‘Seljuk Cuisine’ was awarded the ‘World’s Best Culinary History Book’ prize by the
world-famous cookbook competition Gourmand Cookbook Awards. Ömür Akkor has
also traveled to 81 provinces for the last 25 years and completed the “250,000 km for
Turkish cuisine” project. He has 26 books and more than 200 articles on Anatolian
and Turkish cuisine. He is also the founder of the Havuş Restaurant.