Juanlu Fernandez

Juanlu Fernandez, a 1* Michelin Star chef, began his career with artisan pastry then passed through the different kitchens of the great chefs of Spain exploring his passion for French cuisine and merging it with the traditional cuisine of his home town of Jerez.
His enthusiasm, along with his culinary training, and his tireless ability to reinvent core cuisine is the guiding light behind the menus he creates.
Juanlu describes his cuisine as “rearguard Vanguard”.
His culinary personality blends his own heritage with the innovation and classic touches of haute cuisine. Traditional dishes, but with a certain scoundrel’s touch that will transport you to an unexplored world.
His great respect for seasonal products, his enthusiasm and creativity and his research into origins, are the main axes of his magnificent cuisine.
“Rediscover classical culinary heritage, imbue it with the ingredients of our land, and infuse it with a touch of madness!” — Juanlu Fernández