Joris Bijdendijk

Joris Bijdendijk is chef of restaurant RIJKS®, restaurant Wils, both awarded a Michelin star,

and Wils Bakery Café. He is columnist for newspaper ‘Het Parool’, founder of Low Food,

author of several books and SVH certified Master chef.

Bijdendijk’s passion for beautiful products and good food started at a young age. Every

weekend the Bijdendijk family would go to the Belgian Ardennes, where they would tend to

their farm and substantial vegetable garden.

At 19 years old, Bijdendijk started working in the kitchen of Ron Blaauw Restaurant ** and followed onto Michelin star restaurant Le Jardin des Sens** in Montpellier.

At the end of 2014 Bijdendijk started as Executive Chef at RIJKS®, the restaurant of the Rijksmuseum. RIJKS® has 17 points in the Gault & Millau guide and a Michelin star since 2017 Dutch edition.

Abroad RIJKS® has not remained unnoticed. Since 2019 the restaurant has been included in the 50 Best Discovery, the ranking list of the team behind The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants. Chef Bijdendijk has been in the top 100 of The Best Chef Awards with as a highlight the The Best Chef Awards – City Gourmet Award for RIJKS®.

In 2017 Bijdendijk received his title for Master Chef from the SVH and launched his book:

‘Bijdendijk, een keuken voor de lage landen’ (a kitchen for the lowlands). A cookbook with the

mission to develop a kitchen for the low lands with all the beautiful products the Dutch soil

has to offer.

In January 2019 Bijdendijk, together with Joris Lohman and Samuel Levie, founded Low Food,

a movement that has set the goal to change Dutch gastronomy. To make Dutch food culture

leading when it comes to forward thinking on subjects such as sustainability and inclusion.

Low Food yearly organizes symposia to connect the industry, a Low Food Chefs Academy to

educate a new generation of young chefs and food-professionals and facilitates Low Food

Labs which are culinary experiments that bring chefs, craftsmen, scientists, and students


In 2019 Bijdendijk opened restaurant Wils, which received its first Michelin star within a year. That brings Bijdendijk to a total of 3 Michelin stars earned in eight years. Bijdendijk opened Wils Bakery Café in the same building as restaurant Wils.

Joris Bijdendijk also wrote many cookbooks, such as Bijdendijk, een keuken voor de lage landen (2017), Het geheim van de tuin (2020), Snert, voor als alles in de soep loopt (2021), (2022 new edition SOEP), Bij Bijdendijk Thuis (2021), Plantkracht (2022).