Grégoire Berger

Chef Gregoire Berger is a highly acclaimed chef with an impressive career spanning across the world. He was born in Versailles, Paris, and raised in the Morbihan region of Brittany, France. He graduated from the prestigious culinary institute, CFA, in Vannes.

His culinary career began at the age of 16 at “La Closerie De Kerdrain” and then moved on to “Le Pressoir,” where he spent two years before being recommended by his chef to “Le Domaine de Rochevilaine” where he had his second Michelin Star experience. He further honed his skills by working with several acclaimed Michelin star restaurants in France including working under Pastry Chef Gilles Marchal and Chef Michael Nave, right-hand man of Pierre Gagnaire and head Chef of Balzac.

As he embarked on his culinary journey, Chef Berger’s passion for cooking grew even stronger. Leaving his homeland for the first time, he traveled to Orlando, Florida, to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Paul Bocuse. Through his travels and work in luxury resorts in different countries around the world, he was able to further refine his skills and expand his knowledge and expertise in the culinary arts.

In 2014, Chef Berger became the mastermind behind the iconic underwater restaurant, Ossiano, at Atlantis, The Palm, where he drives menu creation and restaurant operation while overseeing a large team.

Chef Berger has set the precedent for the culinary scene in Dubai with his innovative ideas and use of exceptional techniques and quality ingredients, earning him more awards than any other chef over the past four years. He has won several accolades, including Best Chef and Chef of the Year at the Pro Chef Awards, Young Hotelier of The Year 2016 at Hotelier Middle East Awards, and Head Chef of The Year at the Hospitality Awards.

In 2016, he was awarded the Middle East and Africa region winner for the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Award and went on to represent the MEA region at the finals in Milan. In 2017, Ossiano and Chef Berger won Best Luxury Seafood Restaurant (Global winner) at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2017.

In 2019, Chef Berger and his team received more than 30 awards in diverse categories, and he was ranked 23rd best chef in the world on “The Best Chef Award” in Milan. In 2020, he introduced a new concept in Ossiano called “Gregoire’s Kitchen,” which was successful and led him to be named the Innovation Chef of the Year at the Pro Chef Awards.

Between 2021 and 2023, Chef Berger reflected on his culinary journey by taking a year of business development, travels and family time while being crowned the 77th spot on the best chef award before returning to Ossiano with one Michelin star, Chef of the Year, and the highest ranking on the launch of the GM with Restaurant of the Year title two years in the row.

Recently, he was also awarded the highest new entry award on The World 50 Best, making Ossiano one of the top restaurants worldwide in 2023, and securing a 87th position on the world 50 best. Chef Berger’s eye for detail, passion for innovation, and dedication to excellence have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most powerful and acclaimed chefs in Dubai and the world.