Fredrik Berselius

Originally from Sweden, chef Fredrik Berselius spent most of his culinary career in New York and brought his love of nature to his urban environment through food. Frederik’s approach to cooking focuses on using the best possible, as well as carefully selected local ingredients.

At its debut in 2012, Berselius opened Aska, which means “ash” in Swedish, to acclaim for bridging the culinary heritage of his upbringing with the immediate surroundings of his Brooklyn address. Within a year, Aska won major awards from Berselius, which was also named one of the 17 best restaurants in America.

In the summer of 2016, Aska reopened in a new two-story space featuring a main dining room, garden and butler bar, located in a restored 1860s warehouse building near the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge.

With an emphasis on ingredients from the surrounding Northeast U.S. region and influenced by Berselius’ Scandinavian homeland, Aska offers a distinctive dining experience with a variety of dishes prepared from an open kitchen and served to only ten tables of guests each night.