Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adrià, who was introduced to the kitchen at a young age, improved himself and began to direct his career in this field over time. Adrià met elBulli, who would shape his destiny after a while, through a friend while he was doing his military service. Adrià, who started working at elBulli as chef de partie in April 1984, went to France with the encouragement of manager Juli Soler and got to know the world of quality restaurants. In October 1986, he became the head chef of elBulli.

Adrià, who changed the direction of elBulli by partnering with Juli Soler, turned the restaurant from traditional Mediterranean cuisine into a laboratory with his hard work. Thus, chef Ferran, who demonstrated a new approach with molecular gastronomy techniques, earned elBulli 3 Michelin stars with his innovative flavors. The place, which has always maintained its popularity among the best restaurants in the world, currently continues its existence as a foundation and museum.

The elBullifoundation, which elBulli has become, has three missions: to preserve the legacy of ElBullirestaurante, to share expertise in management and innovation, and to produce high-quality content for the fine dining industry.

Adrià announced the Bullipedia project in 2012. This project, carried out by Chef Ferran, is an important resource about gastronomy and contains more than 30, 500-page books in encyclopedia format.