Diego Guerrero

Diego Guerrero, who trained under many important chefs such as Martín Berasategui (Lasarte), worked at El Club Allard Restaraunt until he opened his own restaurant in 2002, where he earned 2 Michelin stars. Guerrero, who opened DSTAgE in 2014, achieved great recognition and success both among the public and the industry. Representing an evolution in his professional career, DSTAgE has a personal understanding of contemporary haute cuisine restaurants where true luxury lies in immediacy and naturalness.

DSTAgE has won many awards since its opening: it was awarded 2 Michelin stars and 3 Sols in the Repsol Guide. Additionally; it is worth mentioning the 3 EME Metrópoli Guide (published by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’), the Metrópoli Restaurant of the Year Award in 2017, the Metrópoli Award in 2015 ‘Revelation Restaurant’, the Honourable Mention as ‘Restaurant of the Year’ Metrópoli, the Best Chef and Best Restaurant Award by the users of Gourmet Magazine, the First restaurant in Madrid, fourth in Spain and Travellers ́Choice Award 2016 by Tripadvisor, the Gentleman Award 2016, the ELLE Gourmet Awards 2017, the Hombre GQ recognition in 2017, the Culture Award 2019 of the Community of Madrid. From 2021 to date, Diego has been part of the select Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards uninterruptedly.

In September 2016, he launched a creative space designed and led by himself under the name of DSPOT. This studio is focused on creativity around haute cuisine and all the aspects surrounding it, such as staging, design, techniques and products. This concept changed headquarters in July 2020 and is now located in the premises next to DSTAgE, being even connected. This new multidisciplinary space is also used for private and exclusive events.

In August 2019 he opens DSPEAK, his second project in Madrid, very close to DSTAgE, a casual haute cuisine space with a different gastronomic concept. In this case, he works with a menu based on produce and its seasonality, a version with a simple appearance, recognizable dishes and accessible to all types of customers. Working in a sustainable environment and taking advantage of synergies by exercising a circular economy between projects. DSPEAK has been awarded a Sol from the Repsol Guide since the same year of its opening.

In March 2022, Diego Guerrero joins forces with the bartender Diego Cabrera, a world reference in cocktails, with whom he joins forces and creativity to create DPICKLE ROOM. In this new concept cocktails signed by Cabrera can be enjoyed alongside Diego’s dishes in an atmosphere of good music, where vintage vinyl records and guitars are also on sale. This transgressive space is located in the basement of DSPEAK.

This network of establishments is the DSTAgE CONCEPT family, which is based on a circular economy that allows them to be increasingly responsible and self-sufficient, being able to create synergies between the different spaces and proposals (DSTAgE, DSPEAK, DSPOT STUDIO and DPICKLE ROOM).