Dani García

Dani García, Andalusian chef with great international projection, positions himself at the top of Spanish gastronomy with his already consolidated business project: Dani García Group. After accumulating great successes, such as been awarded his third Michelin star (2019) in the restaurant located in the Marbella hotel Puente Romano Marbella, the chef continues to challenge himself and create new ways to reach the entire world with his cuisine.

His beginnings and the origin of his passion for gastronomy started with his training at the School of Hospitality in Malaga La Cónsula and it is in 1996 when he begins his career alongside Martín Berasategui, with whom he shares “his DNA as a chef”. During his time at Tragabuches (1998-2004), the project where he earned his first Michelin star at the age of 25, Dani developed a cuisine full of intention, youth and color.

Later, in Calima (2005-2013), he reached maturity and became the first chef with two Michelin stars in Andalusia. In 2013 he travels to New York, where he lives a stage of open-mindedness in his cuisine and a year later he starts his most personal creative stage with the opening of his gastronomic restaurant Dani Garcia Restaurant and BiBo Andalusian Brasserie & Tapas, two very different concepts, but united with two cuisines with the same common denominator: the product with the Andalusian recipe book as a fundamental basis and the international character acting as a common thread.

Dani García faces 2023 with great enthusiasm, a lot of work and national and international openings. These include La Chambre Bleue in Paris, Tragabuches and Alelí in Madrid. Its growth is based on the Chef’s new approach of taking his cuisine to a wider audience and therefore bringing more accessible experiences to restaurants around the world.