Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus lived many lives before opening his Parisian restaurant, Table. Medical student, entrepreneur, blogger, journalist, author, TV and radio personality, this self-taught chef cuts his way through life without looking back. Now on the other side of the counter, he defends his most loyal friends: artisan producers. Disconcerted by outstanding character, the Michelin guide awarded him his first star in 2018. Just 4 years later, it’s obvious: Table is a destination in itself, offering a unique experience. The second star was awarded to this extraordinary restaurant. One year later, in June 2023, Table made a spectacular entry into the World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking, directly in 10th position.

Foodies from all over the world now flock to this off-the-beaten-track restaurant, the only 2-star in eastern Paris!

Bruno Verjus is an exceptional character. A personality apart, with an open mind that combines a love of produce and producers with a quest for the perfect gesture. A magician who transforms every meal into a memorable moment. With no menu to choose from, he invents his own daily menu based on what he receives from his producers, which he so charmingly calls “the color of the day”.

By starting behind the stove late in life, in his fifties, he has freed himself from all diktats. At Table, nothing is prepared in advance; everything is made fresh. His cuisine, which seeks above all to magnify the product, takes you on a journey. For Bruno Verjus, cooking means never taking your eyes off the living, respecting it in the choice of products, the art of cutting and the respect for balance. Above all, there’s a great deal of freedom, humanity and love in his cuisine.