Begoña Rodrigo

After studying industrial engineering, Begoña Rodrigo, a self-taught cook, was looking for a new experience. She started cooking in 1995, working under Nick Reade at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. After 8 years of trying new flavors, Rodrigo moved to London in 2003 to work at the Aquarium. Returning to his homeland two years later, Rodrigo opened his restaurant La Salita in November 2005.

The effort to save his country’s recipe book, the extensive research to find the best local produce, and the balance, technique and beauty of each dish speak volumes about Begoña’s culinary personality.

An 18-year-old venue, La Salita received its first Michelin star in 2019. It was also awarded 3 Repsol Suns by Repsol Guide. Rodrigo was named Best Vegetable Female Chef at the end of 2023 by We’re smart Guide and, at the beginning of 2024, she launched her proposal of vegetable charcuterie in the restaurant.