Ana Roš

Ana Roš is a Slovenian chef, a sport and travel enthusiast from the young ages, graduated in international and diplomatic science in Italy, polyglot and much more.

She’s one of the 8 female chefs who’s restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars and has been awarded the world’s best female chef in 2017 by The World’s 50 best restaurants. She’s the chef and owner of Hiša Franko, one of the few restaurants in the world with both 3 Michelin stars and the Michelin green star and which has been awarded the 32nd best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 best restaurants list in 2023 The same year Roš was ranked on the 3rd place of the Best Chef Awards list as the only woman in the top 10.

She wants to express seasons, the terroir, her own character, her travels and femininity in her cuisine. In 2022 she received the The Best Chef Pristine Award for her utmost respect for and use of the highest quality local produce at a terroir-based restaurant from the same organization. Because of her work chef Ana Roš was named the ambassador of gastronomic tourism at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).