Ricard Camarena

Ricard Camarena’s cuisine is marked by the local products that his larder offers him: the
sea and the vegetable garden. The chef has a very special relationship with farmers in
Valencia who grow for him, exclusively, the vegetables and flowers that he later cooks in
his restaurants. He also has a very strong link with Mediterranean fish and seafood, as
much of what he cooks comes from the nearby fish markets.

His gastronomic proposal is characterized by flavour, seasonality and respect for the
product. Camarena’s cuisine is full of nuances: fresh, acidic, spicy, citric, bitter… Just like
the logo that represents his restaurant: Oxalis. In short, a very personal, self-taught and
innovative approach that he has been forging since 2000.

Camarena revolutionizes the way of making broths, juices, stocks with hardly any water
and taking advantage of the humidity of the products he cooks. These innovative
techniques are set out in the book ‘Caldos. El Código del Sabor’ which was published in
November 2015 and of which two editions have been published.

In 2023 he launched the brand ‘LETERN Sin Desperdicio’ (LETERN Without Waste),
which was born out of the need and obligation to use all the ingredients he cooks with
to create new dishes and drinks. Zero waste is in his DNA and he has been applying it in
his restaurants for a long time. With this new brand, customers will now also be able to
enjoy it at home.

The Valencian chef Ricard Camarena has two Michelin Stars, a Green Star for
Sustainability and three Repsol Suns for ‘Ricard Camarena Restaurant’. He is also ranked
96th in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and is considered the eighth best vegetable
restaurant in the world by the Smart Green Guide.

Ricard Camarena Restaurant is a gastronomic space located in ‘Bombas Gens Centre
d’Art’ in Valencia, a centre dedicated to modern art and which was formerly an industrial
Art Deco factory from the 1930s, and which was refurbished to house an important
collection of contemporary art.