Anja Skrbinek

Anja Skrbinek was born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. She attended the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia to study geology after graduating from high school. During her studies she tried to earn some money to afford a better student life, she began working in the hospitality industry as a server, bartender, and barista in a variety of clubs and pubs. Her curiosity in her work quickly grew, and she observed many aspects of it that piqued her interest, particularly in the R&D of facilities and beverages. She knew there was no going back when she held the fabled Noma’s Guide to Fermentation book for the first time. She was already designing non-alcoholic menus and taking care of the restaurant Hiša Franko before she began working with Ana Roš.
In 2020, Skrbinek began working at Hiša Franko as a fermentation specialist responsible for creating non-alcoholic matching flavors. Discovering raw and foraged ingredients from the surrounding area and attempting to transform them into something fascinating while collaborating with head chef Ana Roš. Subsequently, she expanded her mixology expertise and crafted one of HIša Franko’s most recognizable signature drinks. She led a youthful and driven team of sommeliers when she took over Hiša Franko’s entire beverage program in 2023, which included the wine pairings and spirit program. Under the moniker Ana by Ana Roš with Anja, Skrbinek and Roš introduced a range of cocktails and mocktails in 2023 that were made with natural ingredients in cans.