Destination São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the economic capital of Brazil and one the biggests in Latin America. Cosmopolitan, agitated and opened for 24 hours, the city has one of the greatest gastronomic scenarios in the country, with many different, bold and unusual restaurants. Each week, a new address pops up and adds different flavors and culture to the city. 

We, from Síbaris agency, have created a gastronomic circuit around São Paulo for those who want to know the city without falling into sameness. Discover some restaurants that you can’t miss:

Fine Dining Restaurants
To open the list, we selected three fine dining restaurants for you to make your trip in great style. São Paulo, along with Rio de Janeiro, are the only cities in Latin America that own Michelin stars, but the options for fine dining are many: we selected three of our favorites for those who want a truly gastronomical experience.

At Evvai, chef Luiz Filipe Souza creates what he calls Oriundi cuisine, the result of a large cultural research between Italy and Brazil, through a deep study of flavors and ingredients from each country, presented in an unusual and full of technique form. The restaurant owns a Michelin star and is in 40th position on the 2019 LatAm 50 Best’s list. 
High point: the inventive Oriundi tasting menu and a solid wine menu.

A place where classic, modern and authorial recipes meet: that is Picchi’s essence, chef’s Pier Paolo Picchi restaurant. The tasting menu is a creative, tasty and an execution treat. The restaurant owns a star on the Michelin Guide. 
High Point: the restaurant’s tasting menu, that changes everyday according to the ingredients available.

Chef Alex Atala, from D.O.M, works with an authorial tasting menu that presents the result of a large research of Brazilian ingredients. The restaurant owns two stars on Michelin Guide and is in 10th position on the 2019 LatAm 50 Best’s list. 

Japanese Restaurants
São Paulo is the city with the highest number of Japanese immigrants in the world. Since they arrived here, mostly between 1920 and 1930, the Japanese culture became intrinsec in many ways in the city. It is not unusual to find many Japanese restaurants around, from the more commercial to the highest level ones. Sushis, izakayas, ramen shops and yakatoris flood the city full of multicultural influences and flavors.

An excellent omakase, led by the chef Gerard Barberan, is served on the counter, with creations that bring ludic and inventive touches along with high quality products.
High point: sequence of native fishes sushis, combined with unusual flavors, but maintaining the Japanese elegance.

The restaurant amazes the clients with it’s Nikkei cuisine prepared by chef David Rodriguez, that allies the Japanese gastronomy with strong Peruvian influences in classic and authorial dishes.
High point: Maguro Kama, or tunna necklace, that goes through a long curing, maturation and smoking process until the finalization, which is made in the parrilla. 

The Punch Bar
Speakeasy that boils down to a cocktail bar, in a gallery near Avenida Paulista. Excellent drinks prepared by bartender Ricardo Miyazaki, with Japanese style and hospitality.
High point: For hot days, try the cocktail made with Gin and Shissô leaves.

New in the city
In a city that is in constant movement, effervescent and creative ideas, news never stop popping up. We selected some of the new restaurants that opened in São Paulo in 2020, despite all this year’s difficulties.

You want to visit a place that few people know? Intimate, small and with a clandestine atmosphere, the sommelière’s Érika Ranzetti and the italian chef’s Marco Rezentti restaurant works in an purist way, with few elements, very well executed, in a tasting menu that changes every week. 
High point: pasta is Marco’s speciality, he dominates the preparation like few places in the city.

Chez Claude
Claude and Thomas Troigros’s restaurant, Pierre Troisgros’s son and grandson, has a comfortable and uncomplicated cuisine, with small dishes to be shared on the table, allying French flavors with Brazilian ingredients. 
High point: Egg & Clarisse Caviar, Fish with Banana and cheesecake with Canastra’s cheese and dulce de leche. 

Chef Ivan Ralston, from the starred Tuju, presents a menu based on the roots of the São Paulo family’s, reflecting the cultural heritages from the city, with the same care you find in Tuju, but in a cool and unpretentious space. 
High point: Dragon scale fish, toasted banana with cashew nut vinaigrette and herb salad. 

Off Route:
São Paulo has 12,18 million residents. They say that to cross the state, it takes one hour by plane. Off route places are more traditionally in the Weste zone of the city, but other areas also deserve attention for taking you to unusual places, with excellent and uncomplicated menus. Get to know our selection of the more interesting off route restaurants. 

The couple’s Lucas Dante and Gabrielli Fleming restaurant, Cepa, has a creative, laid-back and full of authenticy menu, praising high quality, fresh and seasonal products. Cepa was the first restaurant from the East Zone of the city to enter Michelin’s Guide Bib Gourmand list.
High point: cured board, maturated in the restaurant from 6 to 8 months, and the natural wine selection from the sommelière Gabrielli.

A family restaurant that promotes the meeting of the “sertanejo” cuisine, from Northeast of Brazil, with innovation points proposed by the chef Rodrigo Oliveira. Brazilian flavors in their essence in an authentic and off gastronomical route. The restaurant is in 43th position on the 2019 LatAm 50 Best’s list.
High point: the famous tapioca dices, the sun dried meat served with pepper pout and manioc chips, and the “cachaça” (sugarcane liquor) collection, with some of the best caipirinhas made with Brazilian fruits.

AE Cozinha
Simple and intimate, AE, Ygor Lopes and Walkyria Fagundes’s restaurant, works with a Brazilian menu where they ally the ingredient’s seasonality with the attention to sustainability, in a charming house in VIla Madalena. 
High point: pay special attention to the inventive desserts by the chef Walkyria Fagundes.  

Cool Restaurants:
Some of the coolest in the city, to eat, drink and have fun in an uncommitted way, with high quality, but unpretentious food. 

Classic Korean cuisine flavors with contemporary touches, created in a casual way by the chef Paulo Shin. 
High Point: kimchi bokumbap rice with super creamy omelet

Thiago Bañares’s noodle bar, dates back to the noodle bars in NY, along with oriental, extremely flavorful and well executed izakaya’s dishes.
High point: sophisticated drinks and delicious ramen, with lots of umami.

Casa do Porco
An honor to the pork, the restaurant allies county cuisine with innovative techniques. By the couple Janaina and Jefferson Rueda, the restaurant is fun and located in the heart of the center of the city. The restaurant is in 6th position on the 2019 LatAm 50 Best’s list, and is considered the best in the city by the list. 
High point: tasting menu that travels through the main dishes of the restaurant, at a democratic price.